The incident takes place in Rustam bey's apartment. A good fashioned room. There is also a table, some chairs and armchairs there. Sarvar and Gulnaz are in the room. Segah is played by tar, the curtain rises.







(is singing) :.You ask about grief of love, who is ill and apart of it,
Don't ask taste of passion, who is far and deprived of it.

Gulnaz: You ask only me the mystery of ardent kiss, no one else,
Ask of that mysterious love only who is aware of it.


How can the ignorant man feel the tears of crying eyes.
You ask the sober man, who observes stars till morning all night.


Don't ask the breeze of my state, I fade as a candle grieving of you,
Ask my beloved about my mood who is apart of me at night.

Sarvar: Zahid isn't aware of taste of love, he is deprived of it,
Fizuli, ask about mystery of love, who has tasted it.

(speaks) Sarvar, you seem moody today, what has happened?

You are right, since yesterday I've been pondering in thought.
Gulnaz: What has happened? Tell me.
Sarvar: The thing is, your father wants to marry you off to another man.
Gulnaz (in fear) Who says that?
Sarvar: I do, and I was informed about it from right sources.
Gulnaz: But my father told me nothing.

Probably, he will inform you today. Besides, what will he tell you? Your duty is to obey him.


(angrily) No, no, I'll marry no one else execpt you; let him kill me, but I love you, and I'll marry only you.

Sarvar: But that man is richer than me.
Gulnaz: Let his riches go to devil.


© Musigi Dunyasi, 2005