Act 1



Sarvar and Gulnaz sing a qazal by Fizuli

Rustam bey and Gulnaz's duet

Meshadi Ibad's song

Rustam bey and Meshadi Ibad's duet

Meshadi Ibad meets Gulnaz and Sanam

They say, wedding soon will be played

Meshadi Ibad and Hasan bey's scandal

Act 2

Sarvar and Gulnaz's aria

Melody of tutek is heard far away

Sarvar and Gulnaz's song

Chieftains' song

Sarvar's talk with Rustam bey

People blame Meshadi Ibad

People address to Rustam bey

Choruz - People congratulate Meshadi Ibad

Act 3

In the bath

Act 4


Meshadi Ibad's song

People offer Mehsadi Ibad to marry to Sanam

Sarvar and Gulnaz are happy. All congratulate them

© Seyran Sanan oghlu Aghabayov, translator of the musical comedy "Meshadi Ibad"


Uzeyir Hajibeyov MASHADI IBAD
(If Not That One, Let It Be This One)

a musical comedy in 4 acts

(Translated by Seyran Sanan oghlu Aghabayov -
the senior teacher of "Azerbaijan University")-
Baku, ""Kitab Klubu" Ltd., 2005-202 pp. (22 illustrations).

The music editor are the Peopl's Artist professor
Vasif Zulfugar oghlu Adigozalov




© Musigi Dunyasi, 2005